Turning sunshine into food

Today we turned sunshine into 700 hot meals for people living in poverty.

Today was a good day at ‘the office’. 

This year the Yarra Energy Foundation (YEF) partnered with solar neighbourhoods, a community action group,  to help local residents access quality solar PV systems across the City of Yarra. CommPower was the solar supplier.

It was a great program with a great outcome. What made it even more interesting was that YEF and CommPower both agreed to donate solar systems in proportion to households’ uptake. With over 80 homes participating we accumulated over 21kW of solar to donate. 

St Mary’s House of Welcome in Fitzroy received the first donation and an 8kW solar PV system was installed. Today we celebrated that with the many people who rely on St Mary’s House of Welcome for a hot shower, regular meals and a range of essential services and outreach activities that are vital for their regular visitors.

“The donation will save a small fortune on electricity costs, which can be put back into providing food and other essential services for the people who rely on St Mary’s for support”, ” said Tony McCosker, CEO, St Mary’s House of Welcome.

Based on a conservative estimate of our average yearly spend on electricity, we expect they will save around $3500 a year on electricity costs.  This saving of $3500 means they can serve over 700 additional meals a year to people living in poverty.  Over a span of ten years, that’s over 7000 meals, and a huge difference to our community.

We were delighted to be able to play a part of making a lasting contribution to such a wonderful organisation. This, along with the launch of Smart Solar Schools program has us dreaming big about how we can connect with and work with more organisations to provide independent and trusted advice about energy – how to pay less, how to use less, and wherever possible, how to make your own.  

To support the work of St Mary’s House of Welcome visit www.smhow.org.au/support