Case Study: Australian Vietnamese Women's Association

Targeting the more than 86,000 Vietnamese-speaking Victorians, the program was developed to engage consumers, facilitate the spread of information and drive informed choices around electricity pricing, including electricity markets, smart meters and flexible pricing. Specifically the program delivered:

1. A Vietnamese-language flexible pricing infographic distributed in pamphlet and poster form (5,000) and published in Vietnamese language newspaper the Viet-Times. This infographic was also produced in English and translated by the Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria into six other languages. In addition, the project also delivered pamphlets and posters outlining three ways to save on electricity bills in English and Vietnamese.

Download the Flexble Pricing Materials in Vietnamese and English:

Download the Energy Efficiency Materials in Vietnamese and English:

2. The program also involved radio spots covering the following content:

  • Availability of flexible pricing and how it works for consumers;
  • How consumers can make choices to save on energy costs;
  • Use of the My Power Planner website to determine if flexible pricing is right for consumers, and how to work with retailers to select flexible pricing;
  • How users can combine energy efficiency and flexible pricing to lower energy costs.

3. Five Video Case Studies were also produced, using real people from the Vietnamese community and focus on choice in energy plans and pricing, energy efficiency opportunities as well as using smart meter data and available tools such as My Power Planner to make informed decisions.