Between These Four Walls: A YEF Workshop

As part of the High Life Expo 2017, YEF is hosting a free workshop for apartment dwellers to increase their energy efficiency and lower their energy bills.

There is plenty you can do to your apartment to make it more comfortable in hot and cold weather, as well as save on bills. This workshop will provide you with information on the most effective measures, which ones you should do first, and how you can be cost effective when retrofitting your apartment.

Sat. 20 May 2017, 10-11am – Condell Room, Melbourne Town Hall – FREE

We will discuss lighting technologies, draught proofing options, window coverings, appliances, heating and cooling systems, and how to monitor your energy use. We will also discuss what options you have to reduce your energy bills, and how you can make a contribution to the environment without breaking the bank.

Whether you want to DIY or call a professional, whether you're an owner or renter, this workshop will set you on the path to a more comfortable and affordable apartment to call home this winter.

This free event is part of High Life Expo 2017. Register here.



Peter Mercouriou, Yarra Energy Foundation: Peter has several years of experience in the Energy Efficiency sector, working largely on energy audits and assessment, data analysis on measure inputs, market assessment studies, and utility program evaluations. Pete’s experience focuses on energy efficiency technologies, programs, and policies for utilities and government agencies. Pete will guide participants through practical ways in which they can reduce energy usage within their apartments, improving thermal comfort, lowering energy bills and reducing carbon.

Lyn Beinat , CEO, ecoMaster: Lyn and her husband Maurice founded ecoMaster as two people who wanted to do something practical about climate change and reduce the environmental impact of existing homes. Starting with draught sealing their own home, the pair are now looked to as leaders in the 'green retrofit'. As the CEO of ecoMaster, Lyn achieved many firsts in the industry. This includes winning the HIA GreenSmart Professional of the Year Award presented in Parliament House in 2009; the first energy efficiency retrofit professional to receive a National award from an industry peak body in Australia.

Dean Kline, CEO, Yarra Energy Foundation: Dean has over 10 years experience in commercial and residential renewable energy and energy efficiency project management. He was senior project Manager on the London Low Carbon Zone project which delivered over 10,000 commercial and residential energy efficiency upgrades across London, as well as managing the commercial installation of many large scale Solar PV projects. Dean is committed to helping both businesses and residents of Yarra achieve a sustainable energy future.

"Residents that we work with are often surprised at the increased comfort that can be achieved with a few small changes to their apartment, especially during chilly Melbourne winters" – Dean Kline, Yarra Energy Foundation CEO