Bogie Bulk Buy exceeds expectations

YEF's solar bulk buy in rural Victoria sprints past the 500kW mark.

Residents of the Strathbogie Shire in north-east Victoria are jumping at the chance to take part in the program, which was launched in August this year. Set to run for one more month, the bulk buy has already resulted in over 500kW of rooftop solar sold throughout the region. With less than 5000 households in the shire, this is a massive movement towards a renewable energy future in the area.

YEF has hosted a five community information sessions over the past few months, reaching out to all corners of the shire and YEF 500 local residents. Providing an informal setting for attendees to ask questions and clear up any confusion about transitioning to solar, the events have proved to be engaging and informative. A high level of literacy around the energy market has been apparent at the events, with residents clearly keen to regain control of their energy security in the face of an uncertain future and ever-rising electricity bills.

The success of the Bogie Bulk Buy is a testament to the fact that communities are keen for change, and that a shift towards renewables will inevitably come from the ground-up.

YEF is set to launch another Yarra-wide solar bulk buy in the coming months, and another tailored towards the Vietnamese community in Victoria early next year.