Case Study: Collingwood College

YEF has worked with Collingwood College to reduce their carbon footprint by over 350 tonnes of CO2 emissions after all four stages of the retrofit are complete.

“Collingwood College is very active in teaching students about the environment and sustainability. We are the flagship school for the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program, however more recently we renewed our focus on energy use. The best step forward to reduce our environmental impact and our ongoing expenses was a major LED retrofit. We’re excited to see the final results!”

- Dale Perichon, Principal

The Reason

Old and inefficient forms of lighting can have negative outcomes, such as contributing to a poor learning environment. Studies have shown direct correlations between better lighting and improved student concentration. Additionally, inefficient lighting can be a huge drain on the budget, with high running and replacement costs. Collingwood College decided to upgrade about 2,400 light fittings for energy efficient LED tubes and troffers, which will save up to 66% of their current energy use. LEDs are also rated to last up to 50,000 hours, which considerably reduces ongoing maintenance costs.

The Opportunity

Environmental upgrades for buildings can attract funding or other financial services from a variety of external bodies. Collingwood College maintained positive cashflow through the life of the project by using a Sustainable Melbourne Fund repayment plan. The energy expenses saved from the outset were enough to ‘neutralise’ the repayments for the upgraded infrastructure costs.

Expected Outcomes

The school’s carbon footprint will be reduced by 250,000 kWh per year, which translates into over 350 tonnes of CO2 emissions after all four stages of the retrofit are complete.

Project Summary

This project is being delivered in 4 stages.

Implementation Stage 1 Stage 1 - 4
Electricity Reduction 66%
Total Payback Period 3.8 years 4.3 years
kWh Savings p.a. 59,482kWh 249,823kWh
Emissions reduction p.a. 85 tonnes 357 tonnes
Total savings p.a. (Maintenance & Energy savings) $9,520 $39,986