How we help businesses transition to solar

As part of our Commercial Solar Program, we help businesses identify and understand the financial and technical opportunities of installing solar PV.

Working with small operations like cafe's and retails shops to large warehouses and offices, our program has already assisted numerous local businesses save money and reduce emissions. Our part of this process is free from start to finish, with no payment or obligations until you have signed a contract with one of our solar providers.

#1: You get in touch with us for a chat

YEF has years of expertise in this area, and remains independent to give you objective & accurate advice. Because each business is vastly different, the first step is to get in touch with us and talk about your options.

#2. We present you with some options

A free preliminary feasibility analysis is undertaken with your business to understand the critical success factors for a solar PV installation on your building. Next, we facilitate quotations from a select, credible list of suppliers that will deliver quality, performance and value to match your business's needs.

#3: We tender your installation to our trusted providers

Once you've decided that the business case stacks up, YEF will tender your installation to our trusted panel of solar providers, at no cost to you. The best quotes are returned for you to choose from. These quotes include an itemised discount for government incentives.

#4. YEF visits your business to complete a secondary feasibility study

This free visit will inform you about which type of solar systems best suits your property and what other measures such as an LED retrofit could assist. Based off previous bills, YEF will also estimate your payback period (often between 3-5 years) so that you have the full picture before you commit to any installation.

#5. Still keen? It's installation time

If you've decided that solar makes sense for your business, YEF will connect you to your chosen supplier who will then work with you directly to plan a site visit, arrange connections and install your new system.

#6. Your solar panels begin to generate energy and save you money

Not only this, you stand a head above the crowd with your commitment to sustainability. You join a progressive group of businesses who know how to look ahead, and plan for stable growth while reducing reliance on unstable energy markets.

Want to get started?

Dean is YEF's Clean Energy Projects Manager. If you'd like to be part of our free program that helps businesses and community organisations install rooftop solar or LED lighting, contact Dean to get the process started -