Financial Toolkit for Community Powered Solar

A financial toolkit is being developed to help deliver community energy projects.

Designed with the needs of community groups in mind, the toolkit will provide an alternative to seeking expensive external advice in the early stages of project development, specifically about financier requirements and financial models. The toolkit will contain checklists, case studies, and a valuable list of contacts. Scheduled for release early next year, there’s not too much longer to wait!

We’d like to pause and applaud Frontier Energy for having the vision to identify the need and securing funding to produce this guide, which we know will bring great value to community groups here in Yarra and elsewhere.

Of course, we may be a little biased in our excitement. Managing Director of Frontier Energy Jennifer Lauber Patterson is also the Chair of Yarra Energy Foundation. Thank you Jennifer, for continuing to find ways to enable community solar to flourish in spite of the unfavourable prevailing political winds.

“This [toolkit] will reduce the duplication of efforts, leading to a reduction in project development costs and making community renewables projects more competitive, benefitting Australian communities,” - shared Jennifer.

Community groups will be able to make use of the toolkit in coming years, with the added bonus of energy storage options (batteries) also becoming more financially accessible in this time.