How we help residents

Looking to lower your carbon footprint? We can help. A number of our programs directly assist residents make their homes and lifestyles more efficient, and we can always offer practical advice on ways to do so. If you're looking to install solar panels on your roof, convert to LED lighting, or just find the right energy retailer, we can point you in the direction of experts and and companies that we trust. We're independent, so we'll never try to sell you something.

I'd like to install solar and need advice

As the rest of the world ditches dirty coal, now is a great time for Australian’s to take advantage of its abundant natural resource: sun.

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How can I save energy in my home?

Our top tips for reducing your emissions footprint.

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YEF's Top Tips For Going Solar

Installing rooftop solar? Read these tips first.

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I'd like to reduce my power bills

You've mastered energy efficiency. But how do you know if your energy retailer is giving you the best deal?

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