Our Team

Dean Kline - CEO

Dean has over 10 years experience in commercial and residential renewable energy and energy efficiency project management. He was senior project Manager on the London Low Carbon Zone project which delivered over 10,000 commercial and residential energy efficiency upgrades across London, as well as managing the commercial installation of many Solar PV projects. Dean is committed to helping both businesses and residents of Yarra achieve a sustainable energy future.

David Bridgfoot, Clean Energy Program Manager (Commercial)

David has over 10 years experience working within the sustainability sector, with carbon auditing start-ups, water utilities, energy retailers and energy service companies (ESCO’s) both directly and as business development, channels and product manager. He has extensive experience across national commercial and residential markets in developing and executing strategies for renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions to most sectors. He was the commercial lead on the City of Sydney’s Energy and Water Efficiency Retrofit of 47 of the City’s Buildings and Operations, one of the most ambitious of any Australian government, delivering over 7,000 tonnes of emissions reductions, as well as the product manager for the development of an Embedded Network solution, the first from an Australian retailer. David is also driven by helping accelerate new energy technologies in advancing the energy sectors transition to a low carbon future, including blockchain applications and mini-grids.

Peter Mercouriou - Solar Projects Manager

Peter has more than 6 years of experience in the Energy Efficiency sector and demonstrated expertise in multiple aspects of the industry including: energy audits and assessment, data analysis on measure inputs, market assessment studies, process evaluations, policy analysis and utility program evaluations. Peter’s experience focuses on energy efficiency technologies, programs, and policies for utilities and government agencies, as well as coordinating and managing in-house teams and subcontractors.