I'd like to install solar and need advice

As the rest of the world ditches dirty coal, now is a great time for Australian’s to take advantage of its abundant natural resource: sun.

Rooftop solar has taken great strides forward in recent years, and is now an affordable option for residents looking to reduce their carbon footprint. With so many deals and options out there, working out which solar PV system is right for your home can be difficult. We’re here to help.

Why go solar?

There a many reasons to install solar on your home. It saves you money by cutting the cost of your bills, and adds value to your home. More importantly, it reduces the emissions of your neighbourhood meaning that you’re taking direct action against climate change.

If you're curious about how solar PV sytems actually work, we recommend reading this article from One Step Off The Grid.

How much will it cost?

This all depends on the size and quality of your PV system. Generally, rooftop solar on a home in Yarra cost between $3000 and $8000. This can usually be paid of in savings over four years, before saving you money for another few decades.

The nature of your roof and existing electrical system can also affect the price of a solar install. If you have a single story north-facing roof in an easy to access position, great! There are many variables that need to be taken into consideration and are unique to each home.

So can I make money with solar?

If your solar PV system generates more than your household uses, your energy retailer will give you credits on your bill with the excess energy being fed into the grid. The price of these credits is determined by the Victorian Feed-in-Tariff which is currently set at $0.062/kWh - meaning that generally households with solar still receive a small bill.

I live in an apartment… what are my options with solar?

Smartblocks is a great resource for residents of apartment blocks wishing to install solar on their shared roof space.