Smart Solar for Yarra Schools

Smart Solar for Yarra Schools is a program designed to provide local primary or secondary schools with information on the latest offers, technology, and funding available to help achieve financial and environmental savings. Since this program was launched by YEF in August 2015, YEF has worked with seven Yarra schools delivering an estimated saving of $130 000 and 850 tonnes of carbon per year.

Case Study: Collingwood College

YEF has worked with Collingwood College to reduce their carbon footprint by over 350 tonnes of CO2 emissions after all four stages of the retrofit are complete.

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Case Study: Richmond West PS

YEF helped Richmond West PS achieve an annual savings of over $13,000, and annual emission reductions of more than 66 tonnes.

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We hold regular informations sessions for teachers, parents, and staff that are interested in making their school more sustainable. Register your interest here: