Walker Street Community Kinder Goes Solar

YEF assisted Walker Street Community Kindergarten in Clifton Hill install rooftop solar recently.

The kinder's committee engaged YEF to undertake a preliminary feasibility report for a solar PV install in April this year. Smart meter data was analysed as an initial step, breaking down the power consumption into half hourly blocks which was used to accurately forecast the impact that solar panels would have. The kinder proved to be a perfect candidate for solar, with a large unobstructed roof and energy usage highest in the middle of the day when the kinder is in operation.  

Mae Olmstead (Committee Sustainability Officer) with son Benjamin and daughter Elowen, Megan Sestan (Teacher), Sue Edwards (Teacher) Katie Brown (Committee President) with her son Edward and daughter Claire.

Our Commercial Solar team went on to manage a quote process through our preferred supplier network and provided the kinder with a range of options. Solargain was successful with their quote for a 3.12kW solar PV array, and a likely payback period of seven years. As one of our most trusted suppliers, Solargain was also recently successful in the selection process for our Richmond Solar Bulk Buy.

Alongside managing this process, YEF also examined the billing information for the kinder and suggested switching providers to a more competitive rate. This meant Walker Street could start saving money immediately, and get a good feed in tariff rate ready for when the solar array will begin feeding back into the grid.

The solar array was installed this week, on a bright sunny day that left everyone feeling optimistic about a future free from emissions. Mae Olmstead (Committee Sustainability Officer) said that once the decision was made to install solar the process was simple with YEF’s assistance:

“It was all really straightforward. We’re already paying less on our bills by switching our energy provider, and we’re installing energy efficient LED lighting later this year. The teachers are using the process to teach the kids about sustainability, along with other initiatives like our worm farm and veggie gardens”

YEF’s involvement with Walker Street Community Kindergarten was free, and part of our goal of a carbon free City of Yarra. To engage YEF in a similar process for your business or community group, get in touch with our Clean Energy Projects Manager Dean Kline or learn more about how we do it here.

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