We just launched a free home energy retrofit program!

This week YEF launched a free energy retrofit program for City of Yarra homeowners with a pensioner concession card.

The program, supported by Council, will help residents reduce their energy bills, improve their home’s comfort, and contribute to bettering the environment. The program involves: 

  • A home visit to audit the house and prepare a report on what and how improvements can be made;
  • Installing quality lighting to reduce energy bills and brighten the home;
  • Installing IKEA curtains, blinds, rugs and blankets to improve comfort in both summer and winter; and
  • Installing quality door seals on front and back doors to prevent draughts.

Program participants will also be offered information about no or low interest loans to assist them with any further energy efficiency measures they might want to take such as installation of a split system heating/cooling unit or efficient hot water system. 

Click here to learn more!

This program has been designed in collaboration with Council staff, project partners and organisations working in this space, including IKEA, Good Shepherd Microfinance, and Archicentre.