Yarra Solar Bulk Buy

YEF is rolling out our Yarra Solar Bulk Buy Program! Often a confusing process, this program makes installing solar on your home simple and affordable.

Pre-registration for the Yarra Solar Bulk Buy are open - email YEF if you are interested in taking part, contact us on 03 9429 6070 for further details.

How it works

Pricing details of the offer

All the important pricing information of the deal we have negotiated.

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Community Solar Donation

For every solar PV system that is sold through our bulk buy, we'll donate a system to a community building in Yarra.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get a better understanding of the relationship between YEF, the Supplier, and you.

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Terms and Conditions

The nuts and bolts of our Solar Bulk Buy.

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This program includes:

  • High quality solar panel systems at discounted bulk buy prices we have negotiated for Yarra residents;
  • Independent advice and guidance from YEF;
  • Free information sessions on solar and battery storage options;
  • Solar panels raised for a local community building for every system sold!

Further questions?

Please feel free to contact YEF with any questions you may have about this program or others currently active in your area – information@yef.org.au or 03 9429 6070

Tell your friends about our Bulk Buy, and we can get all of Yarra to go solar!