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Advice for businesses

Better Energy Better Business for business owners

Better Energy Better Business is a local project within the City of Yarra boundaries. It will be running for a year, so now is the time to sign up!

Throughout the project we will guide you and support you to find the best solution for your business and optimise your yearly savings.

Our aim is to learn from you about the challenges you are facing, what support you need and how we can best provide this.

The project will then deliver a step-by-step guide for other businesses to follow, increase their savings and drop their emissions.

Hear here from Stomping Ground, whom we’ve already helped with solar and energy efficiency!



Depending on your business, YEF can provide, free of charge:

  • An understanding of your energy usage
  • A set of recommendations that are practical and relevant
  • A prioritised implementation plan with timelines
  • An analysis of likely return on investment
  • A connection with trusted suppliers
  • A network group of businesses within Yarra

What we will require from you:

  • A copy of your annual energy bills and interval data
  • An authorisation for site visits (2 site visits, up to 2 hours each)
  • Meetings with your facilities manager and sustainability manager (or equivalent)
  • Your participation in workshop sessions (up to 3 sessions of 1.5 hours)
  • A commitment to collaborate and build the case for your executive team