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All-Electric Home

Further Reading

Energy Efficiency and the All-Electric Home

Planning for an all-electric home | Solar Victoria

Solar Victoria provide an overview of the key ingredients to an all-electric home – a great place to start if you are new to the all-electric journey.

Energy efficiency and reducing emissions | Sustainability Victoria

Sustainability Victoria has an impressive website brimming with ideas on energy efficiency and tips to reduce energy expenses and emissions.

Explainer by Tim Forcey, home energy advisor and founder of My Efficient Electric Home Facebook Group

Draughtproofing, insulation and window treatments are oft-forgotten but all-important aspects of an energy efficient home. Tim Forcey explains that we ought not to settle for poor performing homes, and that we can experience greater comfort while reducing emissions and expenses.

Explainer: How to cut home emissions and power bills by fixing leaks and insulation

Learn more about efficient, electric homes at Renew

New Energy Thinking | Richard Keech

Richard Keech is an engineer, consultant, author specialising in energy efficiency. His website and blog provides a wealth of lived experience and expertise, as does his book, ‘The Energy-Freedom Home’

Australia’s Guide to Environmentally Sustainable Homes | YourHome

Efficient Hot Water

Explainer by Tim Forcey, home energy advisor and founder of My Efficient Electric Home Facebook Group

Explainer: Why hot-water heat pumps are great for homes with or without solar PV

Efficient, electric (heat pump) hot water | Renew

Renew have a number of pages discussing the benefits of heat pump hot water systems, including a buyers guide – this is a great place to start.

Heat-pump hot water systems | Sustainability Victoria

This page goes over the basics of heat pump hot water systems, including types of systems, efficiency, running costs, suitable conditions, and available rebates and subsidies.

Hot water – the cheapest per litre | Australian Energy Foundation

This is a great demonstration of how heat pumps can save you money and provide a return on investment due to their fantastic efficiency and lower running costs than other options – especially when paired with a solar system!

Compare water heating running costs | Sustainability Victoria

Similar to the AEF page above, but a more detailed exploration. Note that this page assumes heat pumps will be powered by the grid, rather than rooftop solar.

Hot water systems | Victorian Energy Saver

This webpage compares the rebates available for difference replacement hot water systems as part of the Victorian Energy Upgrades program, as well as how to access the rebate by using an Accredited Provider.

Efficient Heating

Beat the winter chills: A guide to electric heating options | Renew

This is another of Renew’s fantastically wide-ranging and expert guides to home energy technology – in this case, heating. There are also a number of articles, case studies and other resources linked below under the heading “Hydronic Heating”, some of which compare different modes of heating.

Explainer by Tim Forcey, home energy advisor and founder of My Efficient Electric Home Facebook Group

Explainer: What’s the cheapest way to heat my house if I get off gas?

Hydronic Heating

Heating case study: converting gas to heat pump hydronic | Renew

Going electric with hydronic heating (follow up article) | Renew

All-electric and hydronic: A model of efficiency | Renew

A tale of three winters | Renew 

Air conditioner vs hydronic heating | Renew

Induction Cooking

Explainer by Tim Forcey, home energy advisor and founder of My Efficient Electric Home Facebook Group

Explainer: How electric induction cookers work and why they clear the air

No longer cooking with gas: Induction cooktop mini guide | Renew

Renew once again provide a fantastic, expert overview of things to consider when planning to install an induction cooktop.

Why I cook with induction – Jon Kung | Vox

Vox interviews chef and TikTok star Jon Kung about why gas stoves are overrated, and the benefits of induction cooking.

Further Reading


  • The Grattan Institute’s Flame Out report on the future of gas.
  • Virtual Power Plants are an emerging form of renewable energy in our suburbs – read more here.
  • Rewiring Australia’s Castles & Cars discussion paper on the enormous benefits of electrification for Australia.
  • Renew’s useful Renters’ Guide to Sustainable Living.
  • A guide on how to renovate your home for energy efficiency from Sustainability Victoria.
  • And for those about to embark on building a home.