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Energy services for your home

Switch to a 100% renewable energy plan

Whether you’re moving house, installing solar and needing to switch to a new energy offer, or simply want to make sure you get the cheapest 100% renewable energy deal, we’re here to help.

Electricity prices always go up and down because of changes in supply and demand, fuel costs and the margin extracted by the supplier. So, there’s often a possibility that you could get a cheaper energy deal than the one you’ve secured.

With our partner Energy Umpire, we’ve put together a 100% renewable energy offer that will always be the cheapest you can get. And this stays true, all year long.

This is how our 100% renewable energy offer works:

  • ​When you sign up to our 100% renewable energy offer, we start comparing energy suppliers and get you the cheapest 100% renewable energy plan for your unique energy usage.
  • We keep track of the ups and downs in energy prices throughout the year. When we come across an energy provider offering better pricing, we provide you detailed instructions on how to switch to that new electricity plan monthly or quarterly.
  • There are various levels of service all with a small annual subscription fee.
  • You can unsubscribe to the service at any time.

To inquire about our 100% renewable energy offer, fill out our contact form with your name, phone number, email address and residential address.