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Better Energy Better Business for property owners & managers

At Yarra Energy Foundation, we help organisations to create positive and lasting environmental impacts. Drawing on our proven expertise in project management and community engagement, we will provide you with the tools to take ownership over your energy profile.

Resilient spaces provide significant competitive advantages, attracting high quality tenants and investors, strengthening the long-term value of your physical asset/s, and creating strong ties with your community.

Higher efficiency buildings generally come with:

Sign up to this program by scheduling a chat with Catalina and explore the various options available to you, such as:

Implementing energy efficiency improvements and upgrades saves you money and significantly reduce your emissions. On average, commercial buildings owners can save up to 45% on energy and have reduced their emissions intensity by 50%.

234-250 Collins Street, Melbourne.
This 11,500 square metres building is able to save up to $90,000 per year by improving his HVAC system, upgrading its light sensors and installing new meters.

123 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. 
This 5,800 square metres building is able to save up to 570,000kWh in electricity and 3,200,000MJ in gas by servicing its hot water systems, refurbishing fans and dampers, move to variable speed drives, and upgrading its building management system. This is the equivalent to $142,500 and $80,000 of savings per year.

Source: NABERS, Sustainability Victoria