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Energy services for your home

Yarra Solar Program


Through the Yarra Solar Program, YEF negotiates a discounted rate, up to 25%, for top solar products with Envirogroup and is exclusive to our Yarra community and the Yarra Solar Program.

The pricing table below, inclusive of GST, should be used as a guide only, with detailed and tailored no-obligation quotes provided to each unique house upon registration. This program has been designed to be as transparent as possible, so if you have any questions about the prices listed here, please don’t hesitate to contact YEF on 1300 866 634 or

The Yarra Solar Program offers three different inverter options as each are appropriate for different solutions: Sungrow, SMA, and Enphase micro-inverters. All options are ‘battery-ready’ meaning that if you want batteries at some point in the future, the system will be easily adaptable. The prices below also include Trina solar panels, a Tier 1 panel manufacturer, are one of the largest solar panel manufacturer in the world. Other solar panels can be discussed directly with Envirogroup.

Our solar partner, Envirogroup, will discuss these options with you.

The prices below include the Federal Government rebate known as, Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs).

You can also check if you’re eligible for a further rebate through the Solar Victoria scheme of up to $1,850 – read more about your eligibility here.

The prices below represent the base price that is inclusive of solar panels, an inverter, installation, and GST. Your tailored quote may include extra fees for variations such as double storey installs, but YEF is always on hand to talk through these costs and ensure transparency.


The State Government’s Solar Victoria Scheme is providing a rebate of $1,850 as well as a no-interest 4-year loan of $1,850 for eligible households.

Am I eligible?

The main eligibility requirements are listed below, but for more information check the Solar Victoria website.

  • has a combined household Taxable Income of less than $180,000 per annum (based on the 2018-19 tax assessment notices for the home owners).
  • is an owner-occupier of a home valued at under $3,000,000 (a copy of a recent Council rates notice will be required).
  • chooses a Clean Energy Council (CEC) Approved Product (for solar panels) and uses a CEC Accredited Installer – already arranged through the Yarra Solar Program.


Not-for-profit community housing providers will also be eligible to apply for a rebate on behalf of their tenants.

For more information contact YEF on 03 9429 6070 or Solar Victoria on 1300 363 744.


If you’d like a tailored, no-obligation quote through the Yarra Solar Program and be part of our community effort in responding to the Climate Emergency, register your details here.


Batteries! We’ve all been after them for decades, and they are finally within reach for residential use.

Battery storage has come a long way in recent years, and has recently reached a tipping point for residential use. As prices continue to rise for grid energy, the demand for battery storage and greater energy independence is stronger than ever. The prices listed here should only be used as a guide, with Envirogroup providing you with a quote tailored to your situation and needs when you register.

Battery prices are dependent on the system size, but rest assured through the Yarra Solar Program, the battery options represent packages inclusive of rooftop solar, a hybrid inverter, and a battery system through our partner Envirogroup.



Heritage Overlay

If your property is in a heritage overlay and the proposed solar panels won’t be visible from a street or park, you don’t need a planning permit. If they are visible, you need to apply for a fast-track (VicSmart) planning permit

A Planning Officer will assess your application with advice from Council’s Heritage Advisor – they may suggest changes to the sizing or placement of the system. To find out whether your property is in a heritage overlay, visit the Council’s Heritage Overlay page. There are no planning application fees for solar in heritage overlays. For the latest information, read Council’s guidance on solar in heritage overlays. Contact Council’s Planning Department or or further advice.


Community Donation

With each kW of solar pv purchased and installed through the Yarra Solar Program, you’ll be helping one of our great community organisations install their own solar pv system!

Our target is 500 kW over 12 months and if we reach that target then a 5 kW solar system will be donated to a community building in the City of Yarra. For every 100 kWs of installed solar, we’ll donate 1 kW of solar pv.

Together we can transition all of Yarra to a renewable and clean energy future!



Climate Emergency

In response to the Climate Emergency, Yarra Energy Foundation and Yarra City Council are proud to deliver the Yarra Solar Program. We take the guesswork out of rooftop solar pv for our community.

Through Yarra Energy Foundation’s comprehensive vetting process residents are partnered with solar companies you can trust. We are proud to have Envirogroup as our partner for the Yarra Solar Program. If you’d like a tailored, no-obligation quote through the Yarra Solar Program and be part of our community effort in responding to the Climate Emergency, register your details here.


What is Yarra Energy Foundation’s role in this project?

Over the duration of the Yarra Solar Program, YEF acts as a coordinator on behalf of residents to ensure they are offered high quality products and receive great service. Through a rigorous evaluation process, we have selected a reputable provider.

What was the selection criteria for identifying a preferred provider?

To select the preferred supplier YEF considered the following:

– Capacity (company longevity and experience)
– Product quality and warranties
– Service
– Price
– Community contributions

– Supplier insurances
– Professional reference checks and customer reviews
– Clean Energy Council membership
– Industry accreditations and memberships
– Staff qualifications and training

Who carries out the actual installation?

The Yarra Solar Program is committed to supporting local solar installers. For this reason, Envirogroup have in-house installers and will endeavour to contract solar installers from within Melbourne for this program.

Who is responsible for the installation and maintenance?

Envirogroup is responsible for the installation, services, products and maintenance subject to the terms of your supplier contract. Yarra Energy Foundation is not responsible for these matters, but is available to respond to any questions you may have about the offer.

What should I do if there is an issue with the installation or maintenance process?

In the unlikely event there is an issue with the installation or maintenance of your solar pv system, YEF is always here to help. Depending on your individual contract with Envirogroup, your options will vary. You should discuss your concerns directly with Envirogroup. Although YEF is not part of your individual supplier contract, if at any time during the installation and maintenance of your solar pv systems, the supplier has not provided products and services as agreed and you are not satisfied with their response to your concerns, you should contact YEF and we will take reasonable endeavours to help you overcome any issues with the supplier.

What if I change my mind?

If you have registered your interest and received a final quotation, but have changed your mind, you have no obligation to proceed with the installation of solar pv systems. However, once you have decided to proceed with the final quotation by making a deposit/signing a contract, your agreement will be with Envirogroup and not with the Yarra Energy Foundation or Yarra City Council. If you change your mind after entering into a contract with the supplier, you will need to discuss this with Envirogroup. YEF is not responsible for these matters.