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Electrifying Our Future

Creating an All-Electric Home

We’re being contacted by more and more people keen to take the next step in their sustainable home journey – ditching gas.

A growing awareness of the emissions from gas production and delivery are fuelling huge interest in the all-electric home.

Australians are also becoming more concerned about the health impacts of using gas for cooking and heating, especially in poorly-ventilated homes. And rising prices for gas mean the days of it being a cheap energy source are over.

If you’re already generating your own energy via rooftop solar, the logic of going all-electric is especially compelling.

Big gains in the efficiency of electric appliances sweeten the deal even further.

This recent Environment Victoria report provides plenty of compelling evidence – including estimates that an efficient all-electric home can knock two full years off a home loan if energy bill savings are put onto a mortgage.

So how will you kick off your all-electric journey?

Understanding your home energy use is a crucial first step – you might upgrade to an induction cooktop, or invest in a split system for your heating and cooling – whatever your plan and budget, electrifying your home is a win not only for you, but also for your community and our environment.

The future is electric – let’s make it happen!





How can the Metro Community Power Hub help?


Creating an all-electric solar home is a step-by-step process – some of which may seem a little daunting.

That’s where the Metro Community Power Hub comes in.

Our energy experts are here to provide free and independent advice on how to:


  • Get solar panels on your roof – our vetted and accredited suppliers can provide a quote, with up to 20% off standard retail prices 


  • Replace your gas cooktop with an electric induction stovetop


  • Install an electric-powered heat pump to heat your hot water


  • Choose a reverse-cycle split system to run your heating and cooling instead of expensive, energy-guzzling gas heaters.


There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to electrifying your home – but whether you’re building a new home or transforming an old one, the Metro Community Power Hub can find the right solution for you.

We can help you with every step of your electrification journey.

We also take the confusion out of accessing government rebates, such as the Victorian Government’s $1,000 rebate for low-income households switching to energy-efficient reverse-cycle air conditioners or rebates for hot water heat pumps.

Ready to begin the conversation? Contact us here.


How do I get started?

The rewards of transitioning to all-electric solar-powered home are significant: reduced bill costs, lower personal carbon emissions and less dependency on the grid.

A few tips before you get started:


  • Be ready with a list of electric replacements for when old appliances conk out. When your old hot-water service fails just before your morning shower is not the time to begin researching an energy efficient alternative! Get an idea now of the likely end-of-life of your gas-hungry appliances and budget for replacements.


  • Know your household patterns of energy use – learning when and how much energy you use is key to learning how best to use your appliances for highest efficiency and lowest cost. Start by tracking your daily use here.


  • Be inspired by people who are embracing electrification in creative & practical ways. See some great examples from our partners at Lighter Footprints here.


  • Speak to us – our experts at the MCPH can talk you through the best options and strategies for your household.


Let’s get cracking!