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Yarra Community Battery Final Report

Key insights from the Yarra Community Battery project have been published in a new Final Report.


The Report is intended to be practical and accessible for a broad audience — from community energy champions to industry experts — to accelerate the energy transition to a fully renewable reality.

This comprehensive report is a must-read for any neighbourhood battery proponent who cares about deploying neighbourhood-scale storage to reduce emissions, lower power bills, and improve fair distribution of renewable energy.

The Yarra Community Battery Project, located in Fitzroy North, was funded by the Victorian Government’s Neighbourhood Battery Initiative through the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

The Yarra community battery was the first community battery ever to be installed in an inner-urban environment in Victoria.

Whether you are interested in battery business models, the processes for installation, the type of batteries we used, how to engage the community, which stakeholders you should engage — this and more is detailed in the Final Report.

The report has been released after major announcements by the Victorian Government to reach 95% renewable energy by 2035, and to reach 6.3 GW of storage by 2035. These policy settings, buoyed by the Federal Government’s commitment to $200 million for 400 community batteries, is incredibly encouraging for neighbourhood-scale storage.

To understand how storage fits into the bigger picture, we highly recommend checking out Rewiring Australia for inspiring stats and a vision for how we can reach the fully renewable future by electrifying everything. For those looking for more in-depth research, we encourage you to visit the ANU’s Battery Storage & Grid Integration website.

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