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Better Energy Banyule

Product Information

Premium products at discounted prices!

Throughout the Better Energy Banyule bulk buy program, Banyule residents will have access to premium products at discounted prices. These products were carefully selected, taking into consideration their efficiency, environmental impact, and warranty guarantees.

Hot Water Heat Pumps

What is a hot water heat pump?

Heat pumps are currently the best option for hot water because they are unbelievably efficient. A heat pump could reduce your costs of hot water by 50-80% compared to other systems!

How does a hot water heat pump work?

A heat pump works like a refrigerator, but in reverse. Instead of pumping heat out, electricity pumps a refrigerant through the system which transfers ambient heat into your water.

Diagram of how a hot water heat pump works

(Image credit: Reclaim Energy)


How does it benefit me?

Estimated annual hot water running costs for a family of four

The running costs of a hot water heat pump are very low, and can save you up to $500 per year, depending on your current hot water appliance and your water consumption.

We are incredibly proud to be offering Banyule residents Reclaim Hot Water Heat Pumps for this project! Their heat pump deservedly won a Premier’s Sustainability award in 2022.

You can download a full list of specifications, manuals, and general information HERE.


Environmental credentials

The Reclaim heat pumps are run with one of the most environmentally friendly refrigerants, CO2. This refrigerant has a global warming potential below 5, compared to the refrigerant usually present in other heat pump models, R410a, with an impact above 1430 on the scale.

By replacing your current hot water system with a hot water heat pump, your personal carbon footprint reduction is equivalent to:

Personal carbon footprint reduction


All of Reclaim’s heat pump models come with functionalities to suit varying needs:

  • PV operational window (10 am – 4 pm) to consume excess solar energy during peak sun hours to maximise savings
  • Two operational windows to let you match your hot water production with your consumption, minimising your hot water costs.
  • Single shot boost – providing all the hot water needed on demand.
  • Off-peak management ensures running costs are kept to a minimum.
  • Continuous hot water with a set and forget feature.


What size heat pump do you need?

The rule of thumb is to count 70L per person. If you are a family of three, opt for the 250L model.

If you often host guests that stay the night, that’s when you use Reclaims boost function!


If your gas hot water system is reaching the 12-15 years old, now it’s the time to change! On average, a hot water heat pump will have a payback period of 5 to 7 years, but this is without counting the rebates offered through this Bulk Buy program and by the Victorian Government.

You can read the full breakdown of Better Energy Banyule’s pricing HERE.


“I heard about those free hot water heat pumps available. Why would I pay for one?”

The Reclaim models offer the most competitive warranties on the market, with 15 years on the stainless-steel tank and 6 years on the compressor unit. It also has one of the best performances, making them the cheapest model to run and significantly better for the environment. They are also the most silent units, at 37dB.

Read more of our hot water heat pump FAQs here.

Split System Air Conditioners

What are split systems and how do they work?

Thanks to their air-sourced heat pump inverter technology, split-systems are one of the most efficient ways of cooling and heating your home. In summer they extract the heat from inside your home, in winter they will reverse this process by drawing ambient heat from outside into your house.

Compared to other types of heating and/or cooling (excluding fans and heated blankets), they use the lowest amount of electricity to run.

Costs of running a split system air conditioner compared to other technologies

I have an old unit, why should I change?

Old air conditioner units that can only cool your house are not as efficient. Running the unit will be noisier, more expensive, and less pleasant than running a split system, typically costing you 20 to 45 cents per hour.

How do I know which size is good for me?

To find the perfect unit for your house, you must consider:

  • The size of the room you’d like to heat – Typically you should aim for around 1kW per 10 square meters.
  • How insulated your house is. If your house hasn’t been insulated since 2010, or if you’ve got a lot of single glazed windows, then sizing the unit up would be better for you. You can also consider insulating your ceiling to avoid running the unit as often.

If your preference is to install a bigger unit than our guidance, be aware that the unit will run less efficiently than a properly sized unit.

Which split systems are available?

Throughout this bulk buy, we have partnered with our friends at Green Home Green Planet to offer units from both Mitsubishi and Fujitsu.

Both these makes have high performance coefficients and are reputable brands widely installed in Australia with attractive warranties.


Read more of our reverse-cycle split system air conditioner FAQs here.

Induction Cooktops

What is an induction cook top?

The cooktop is often the last appliance to get electrified. One of the main reasons for this is the bad reputation induction cooktops have compared to gas cooktops.

Let us reassure you – you don’t have to give up your best stir-fry recipe by changing to an induction cooktop. On average induction cooktops boil water in under 2 minutes, while other appliances would need more than 5 minutes to bring water to a boil. This is because they waste less energy as they only heat the pot or pan that is on top of it.

They are also easier to clean and safer to use, especially if you have kids at home that like to put their hands everywhere. It will also benefit your health since they do not release harmful gasses in the room.

Benefits of induction vs. gas cooktop

The benefits of an induction cooktop

Do I need to change my pots and pans?

There are two types of cookware compatible with induction cooktops: cast iron and magnetic stainless steel. You can know which of your existing cookware will work by testing the surface with a fridge magnet. Does it cling to the pot? Then it’s good to go.

How can I install them?

Our vetted supplier Green Home Green Planet are experts when it comes to installing induction cooktops. You can see a full range of the products and prices being offered through the Better Energy Banyule program here.

Which cooktops are available?

Our trusted supplier, Green Home Green Planet, will be offering a wide selection of quality induction cooktops, including models from:

  • Westinghouse
  • Euro Appliances
  • Artusi
  • Omega

All available models are highly energy efficient, offer attractive warranties, and are well-known brands installed across Australia.


Read more of our induction cooktop FAQs here.


To register your interest in the Better Energy Banyule program, simply fill in the form below, or click the link here.