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Community Batteries

The next Yarra Neighbourhood Battery

YEF is seeking to implement another community battery in the City of Yarra, most likely in the Clifton Hill 3068 area. The project aims to progress battery energy storage system (BESS) technology and innovation by pairing a neighbourhood battery with a public EV charging station. This will be Victoria’s first EV charging station co-located with a community battery – an innovation which will make ownership and use of EVs far more convenient for both locals and visitors.

The project has been funded by the Victorian Government’s Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA) under the second round of the Neighbourhood Battery Initiative (NBI), and done in collaboration with Yarra City Council and the local network provider CitiPower. We will also be facilitating a Community Reference Group (CRG) to hear local residents’ thoughts, ideas and insights about the project.

Watch this space as the project progresses and more details are announced!