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Community Batteries

Learn about the advantages of community batteries, explore our projects, and access valuable resources for all things related to community battery solutions.

Let’s work together to create a sustainable energy future for your community.

Learn About Community Batteries

Community batteries are a transformative energy solution that brings neighborhoods together, reduces costs, and promotes renewable energy use.

On this page, you’ll delve into the fascinating world of community batteries, gaining insights into how they work and the numerous advantages they offer.

Our Community Battery Projects

Explore our portfolio of community battery projects, each a shining example of how local communities can take charge of their energy future.

Dive into detailed project descriptions, success stories, reports, and the positive impact these installations have had on their respective communities.

Fitzroy North Community Battery

Learn all about Victoria’s first ever inner-urban community battery installed in Fitzroy North in June 2022. Also, gain access to the projects final report as well as the batteries first annual performance report.

Clifton Hill Neighbourhood Battery Project

Richmond Neighbourhood Battery Project

Our Community Battery Tram

If you want to find out how to ‘Harness the sun with community batteries’ click the link to hop on our campaign page.

Be inspired, learn, and test your knowledge on community batteries through our interactive quiz!


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Community engagement

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