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The Yarra Energy Foundation offers services to support the successful delivery of community energy projects and solutions.

Our mission is to facilitate the uptake of renewable energy and energy efficiency in all parts of our community.

YEF is a not-for-profit organisation core-funded by the City of Yarra and is governed by an independent board of directors.

Feasibility studies and business cases

‘Can you tell us if our community battery project is viable?’

A feasibility study highlights key aspects of technical and financial viability.

A study includes:

  1. Assessment of your needs and stakeholder expectations
  2. Data collection and simulation of multiple use cases based on historical data, key assumptions and possible business models
  3. Analysis, reporting and presentation of recommended energy solution(s)

Our recommendations include:

  • The investment required, expected return and financial viability
  • The size and technical characteristics of the system
  • Key factors and main assumptions

We also assist clients with site selection, and consider:

  • Land availability
  • Accessibility
  • Municipal/land-use zoning
  • Noise
  • Flood/inundation risk
  • Planning overlays, such as heritage, environmental, cultural etc.
  • Proximity to nearby properties
  • Visual impact
  • Local solar penetration
  • Solar export hosting capacity opportunity
  • Proximity to network/cables
  • Demand related opportunities
  • Battery size and/or export limits
  • Insurance implications
  • Community attitudes/perceptions

See a sample table of contents

Community Battery Strategy

How to best integrate community batteries into your strategy?

Community batteries can help local councils:

  • Reduce community emissions
  • Raise solar penetration, and
  • Create EV-ready neighbourhoods to electrify transport in the long-term.

Community batteries how the power to shape the local energy system and therefore could assist your council deliver:

  • Climate Action Plans
  • Climate Emergency Plans
  • Emissions reductions targets
  • EV charging rollouts
  • Renewable energy generation & solar penetration targets

YEF provides technical advice so that councils can leverage the benefits of more locally stored renewable energy, while managing and mitigating risks that come with implementation.

Consulting & advice

Consulting services to remove the complexity and uncertainty from procurement, to planning, and community engagement, and lower the risk of your project and investment.

Break down barriers with expert advice with our range of consulting services, including but not limited to:

  • Siting/location and battery placement
  • Solar mapping
  • Community engagement
  • Planning
  • Business model / revenue streams
  • Procurement / battery selection

Resources that may answer many of your questions.

Read about our community engagement approach.

Project management

Find a trusted project manager to ensure your project is comprehensive and delivered on time.

Community battery projects are complex and therefore require specialised project management services.

YEF and our delivery partners can take full responsibility for the management of the project from inception to handover. All aspects of the project are covered, including liaising with the electricity distributor and the local council, setting up all commercial arrangements, sourcing all equipment and installations services, setting up the legal structure of system ownership (if required), engaging with local stakeholders, managing the planning process, establishing and delivering on a budget agreed with the client.

What we need to get started:

  1. The specific location and project timeframe
  2. The source of finance and desired business model
  3. The ownership and stakeholder engagement model

A Scope of Works will follow detailing all aspects of the project and its estimated cost.

Watch this example project journey

Solar and electrification programs for councils

We can develop and launch localised solar and/or energy efficiency programs to assist councils reach climate targets.

The installation of solar and energy efficiency upgrades are essential methods to reduce carbon emissions and energy bills within households. The widespread uptake of these products helps councils reach sustainability goals/targets and reduce residents’ energy costs.

Main objectives of these programs are:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce household energy costs
  • Provide targeted support to residents making solar installation and energy efficiency upgrades simple and more accessible
  • Ensure barriers, especially for low-income households, are minimised

YEF has successfully delivered bulk buys over the last 10 years with a wide range of stakeholders that include Local Government, State Government and CALD community groups. These programs have developed excellent relationships with accredited suppliers, resulting in many MWs of solar PV being installed along with reverse cycle heating/cooling, hot water heat pumps, LED lighting, and induction cooktops.

Read about our Hume Solar Roll Out as an example bulk buy program. With over 200 systems installed with a generation capacity of 1MW, the Hume Solar Roll Out is one of the most successful localised bulk buy program in Australia.

Our people

We have a small team of extremely passionate energy experts with decades of combined industry, governmental, business, and sustainability experience. But our expertise is more than just technical. It also encompasses the community energy sector, community engagement, and the social dimensions of energy, and we bring the social license needed to deliver projects on time and on budget. We know that energy is an opportunity for engagement, education and empowerment in addition to the technological transformation to a zero-carbon future. Read more about our people and board of directors.


Email your enquiry to information@yef.org.au