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Metro Community Power Hub

The Metro Community Power Hub has now ended. For more advice on residential solar or home energy efficiency upgrades visit Advice for your home.


  1. MCPH Home Energy Efficiency Program which delivered over 100 energy consultations to support residents considering solar, energy efficient upgrades, sustainable building design, and improvements to home energy use.
  2. MCPH Solar Program led to installation of 175kW of renewable energy generation capacity, yielding over 236,000kWh of renewable energy generated each year and over $372,000 invested in new solar.
  3. Community battery feasibility studies in three locations to support ongoing community engagement and capacity building to understand the ownership, commercial, technical, and funding opportunities.
  4. A Guide to Solar for Apartments to provide accessible and pragmatic information for residents of multi-unit dwellings who want to install solar in their building.
  5. A series of energy literacy and energy efficiency workshops and presentations, including train-the-trainer for educators, social workers, and community members; in-person and online presentations for residents (including the Sustainable Living Festival 2022 and supporting the launch of 100% Renewable Brimbank).
  6. Free project ideation, feasibility and consulting services for residents and schools interested in large-scale solar installations.
  7. A collaborative network of community groups focused on climate action.
  8. A short video, “Let’s Electrify Melbourne” produced by the Australian Environmental Films Association.



  1. Reduced greenhouse gas emissions: Estimated reduction of 277 tCO2-e per year in addition to emissions reductions due to behaviour changes (not calculated).
  2. Increased renewable energy capacity: 175kW of new renewable energy generation capacity.
  3. Increased community support for renewable and clean energy
  4. Reduced energy costs for households, small businesses and communities
  5. Increased community access, involvement and ownership of renewable energy systems
  6. Increased opportunities for communities previously precluded from renewable energy projects (e.g. low-income households, apartment dwellers)


Our Story

Sustainability Victoria funding for the Metro Community Power Hub was announced by the Victorian Government in July 2021 for a 12-month period.

This followed the success of three pilot Community Power Hubs in regional Victoria, which were launched in 2017 and hosted by local not-for-profit organisations.

With a focus on solar PV, households transitioning away from gas, and energy bill literacy, the MCPH provided advice and practical help on clean energy solutions we can all embrace.

Yarra Energy Foundation led the project bringing extensive professional expertise, a strong track record in helping households embrace renewable energy, and its reputation for providing trusted and independent advice.

Who was involved?

While the project was led and implemented by the Yarra Energy Foundation, the heart of the MCPH included partnerships between local climate groups and their communities. The Hub brought together: