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Australian Government awards half a million dollars to YEF for a community battery in Richmond (Victoria)

Yarra Energy Foundation (YEF) is delighted to have won half a million dollars under the first round Federal Government’s Community Batteries for Household Solar program to install a community battery in Richmond, Victoria.

The Community Batteries for Household Solar program will enable Australians to store solar energy for use during peak times, and share excess power with other households.

Community batteries are now rolling out across the country, helping with lowering emissions, localising energy use, incentivising more solar, while putting downward pressure on the costs of energy.

YEF is a not-for-profit organisation catalysing the transition to a renewable energy future, and is looking forward to collaborating and consulting with the local community and Yarra City Council through the delivery of the project.

YEF launched Victoria’s first inner-urban community battery on 5 June 2022, and is working with other councils, industry stakeholders, and communities across Victoria and Queensland to plan, design and install more community batteries.

“People are seriously excited about community batteries,” said Dean Kline, Chief Executive Officer at Yarra Energy Foundation.

“We shouldn’t underestimate the power of a community battery not just to reduce emissions but to bring people together, to start conversations and to allow everyone – whether renting or owning – to participate in our energy future.”

“Most Australians don’t realise but we have a major storage deficit if our goal is to power the country with renewables, so we’re really pleased that this is an area which the Australian Government has committed to support.”

Yarra Energy Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation which is core-funded by Yarra City Council and governed by an independent board of directors. Learn more at www.yef.org.au



Timothy Shue, COO, Yarra Energy Foundation


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