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Community batteries, getting ahead of the curve

On 30 June 2021, YEF’s community battery project manager, Chris Wallin, spoke at a forum hosted by community climate organisation Lighter Footprints. Alongside Greg Hannan, Head of Network Strategy at CitiPower, Chris shared his insights about community batteries and how they are being developed for applications at the neighbourhood-scale.

The event had an online and in-person audience of 140 people, including listeners from across the country. While community batteries may still be considered an emerging technology, both Chris and Greg highlighted that work is well underway to realising a replicable and scalable model for community battery deployment.

YEF would like thank Lighter Footprints, David Strang, Mick Nolan, Sally Newell, and all the volunteers who helped organise the event. Photo credit to Julian Meehan.

Watch the full recording and the highlights from Chris and Greg.

Presentation slides – Greg Hannan, CitiPower
Presentation slides – Chris Wallin, Yarra Energy Foundation