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Energy grants up to $12,000 for NFP community organisations

Expressions of interest are now open for the 2021 Powering Communities program for the Federal Electorate of Melbourne.

The Powering Communities program provides funding for not-for-profit community organisations to improve their energy efficiency practices and technologies leading to a reduction in energy use, improvement in energy productivity and delivery of carbon abatement.

The program is being offered in each Federal Electorate in the Country and is funded by the Australian Government.

Which electorate am I in? Check here.

Examples of what grants can be used for include:

  • installing solar panels or batteries;
  • upgrading air conditioners, hot water systems or a refrigerator with more efficient models;
  • replacing lighting with LEDs; and
  • conducting an energy audit.

Submit your expression of interest by 5pm 15 June 2021. For assistance with your submission contact us.

information@yef.org.au | 03 9429 6070