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Let’s Electrify Melbourne with the Metro Community Power Hub


November 25, 2021


Electrifying Melbourne to secure a sustainable and prosperous clean energy future is the focus of a campaign launched today by the landmark Metro Community Power Hub (MCPH).

The MCPH represents Melbourne’s first city-wide alliance of community climate groups, councils, local organisations and passionate residents working together to accelerate our transition to a net zero future.

Speaking at the MCPH’s Let Electrify Melbourne launch today is Rewiring Australia founder Saul Griffith, the Australian-American inventor, engineer and entrepreneur whose research illustrates the compelling cost savings and environmental benefits of electrifying Australian households using renewable energy.

“Australians already lead the world in harvesting solar electricity. Now we have the technology available to use it. With modest public investment in our homes, cars, and communities, we can electrify everything without sacrificing our way of life,” said Dr Griffith.

“If we embrace this shift now, we can enjoy cheaper, cleaner, healthier energy and win the global decarbonisation race.”

The MCPH is funded by Sustainability Victoria on behalf of the Victorian government, and is led by the Yarra Energy Foundation, a not-for-profit with extensive experience in empowering communities with independent energy advice and practical climate solutions.

Yarra Energy Foundation CEO Dean Kline said the time was right for communities to lead the way on high-impact clean energy initiatives which transform our suburbs.

“After the difficult times of the past two years, there’s a renewed determination in Melbourne now about creating a sustainable and prosperous future which benefits our whole community,” said Mr Kline.

“We know that electrification using renewable energy rewards our wallets, our health and our environment – and now is the perfect opportunity to commit ourselves to achieving that at a city-wide scale.”

“We have the evidence that it’s the best way forward for our city, and we have the ability and the vision to make it happen – so let’s electrify Melbourne.”

As an innovative “one stop” Hub for community clean energy projects and household action on climate change, the MCPH is focused on supporting communities to cut local emissions in cost-effective and practical ways.

At the household level, the MCPH offers expert energy advice, services and trusted suppliers to help residents save money and cut emissions by transitioning away from gas to all-electric homes powered by renewables.

The Hub will support community energy projects such as community scale batteries, all-electric suburbs, solar power projects, energy efficiency initiatives, Power Purchase Agreements or micro-grids.

The MCPH is one of seven Community Power Hubs being funded until June 2022 by the Victorian Government through Sustainability Victoria.




11-11:45am AEDT, November 25 2021 (online)
Register: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/lets-electrify-melbourne-tickets-209055459507
Join: Zoom Webinar ID: 856 6179 6038 | https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85661796038


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