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Neighbourhood Battery Training – August 2024

Commercial Program Manager, Chris Wallin, opening the Fitzroy North Community Battery during the site visit


The Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA) has engaged the Yarra Energy Foundation (YEF) to provide an advanced Neighbourhood Battery training course.

Registrations are now open for our 2-day training on 13-14 August. After two sold-out sessions in March and April, we are thrilled to be running this course again.

The training is funded by DEECA, and tickets are co-subsidised by DEECA and YEF. Check your eligibility and how to access NFP tickets on the event page.

The course provides participants with the knowledge and capabilities to:

  • plan a neighbourhood battery project
  • develop a business case that enables you to pursue funding opportunities for your project.

The training is designed for industry practitioners, community groups, governments, and businesses that want to deploy neighbourhood batteries in Victoria. In particular, those who are seeking assistance to prepare to apply for grant funding under Round 2 of the Victorian Government’s 100 Neighbourhood Batteries program, which opens in August.

A group of participants are engaged in a discussion during a group activity in a conference room. A presenter stands at the front, gesturing while speaking, with a large screen displaying a presentation behind him. Attendees are seated at tables, reviewing documents and taking notes. The room is well-lit with large windows and curtains.
Energy and Storage Project Lead, Lachlan Hensey, presenting to the group

Delivered over two days, the course will cover the:

  • steps towards developing a robust project plan and business case for a NB
  • fundamentals of Battery Energy Storage System components, operation, and procurement
  • process for determining whether a NB is the right solution for your circumstances
  • different value streams available to owners of NBs, including market participation, retail arrangements and network tariffs
  • different business/operating models, use cases, and dispatch control methods
  • processes and criteria for site identification, assessment, and approval
  • approaches to successfully communicating and meaningfully engaging with stakeholders
  • role of NBs in decarbonising the energy system
  • priorities for project management, including identifying relevant project partners and determining the sequencing of critical project activities.

You will also hear from expert guest speakers, including those who have delivered neighbourhood batteries, and hear perspectives from Distribution Network Service Providers.

On the first day, participants will have an opportunity to visit the Fitzroy North community battery.

A group of people are seated around tables in a well-lit conference room, engaged in discussions and reviewing documents. The room has large windows with curtains, and there are multiple small groups working together, each appearing focused on their tasks. Various materials and water bottles are visible on the tables.
Participants engaging in a group activity


Please note, DEECA may open additional training sessions depending on demand. If you are unable to attend in August but would like to attend at a future date, please email: tim.shue@yef.org.au