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Powerful Relief: Victoria’s $3.75M Energy Assistance Program

A free service designed to support Victorians who are having trouble paying their energy bills.

The Victorian government’s recently announced Energy Assistance Program aims to help Victorians who are struggling to pay their energy bills. The program provides free, tailored, one-on-one support to help Victorians navigate the energy market, access energy concessions and grants, and find ways to save money on their energy bills. 

What is the Energy Assistance Program? 

The Energy Assistance Program is a free service designed to support Victorians who are having trouble paying their energy bills. After sharing your most recent bill, the program can support you with: 

  • Understanding your energy bill 
  • Checking for you if you are missing out on your energy concessions 
  • Accessing extra financial support and getting help with energy debt  
  • Finding a more affordable energy deal  
  • Understanding the best ways to save energy at home to reduce your bills  
  • Speaking to your energy retailer and accessing hardship support 

Who is eligible for the Energy Assistance Program? 

In order to access the program, you should: 

  • Hold a Commonwealth Government Concession card; or  
  • Be struggling or expecting to have trouble paying your energy bill. 

How can you apply for the Energy Assistance Program? 

The program offers two ways to unlock access to all the benefits the program has to offer: 

  1. Phone Support:
    Call 1800 161 215 and you will be connected to Anglicare Victoria directly to book an in-person or telephone appointment. You will need a recent copy of your electricity or gas bill. If you are unable to provide a recent copy of a bill, a team member will be able to request a copy of your bill from your energy retailer. 
  2. In-person Support:
    Program community partners Anglicare Victoria and Community Information & Support Victoria (CISVic) can provide you with in-person support at sites across Melbourne and regional Victoria. To find a site near you, phone 1800 161 215 

How can you learn more about the Energy Assistance Program? 

For more information about the Energy Assistance Program, you can visit the program’s website or call the program team on 1800 161 215.