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About us

Our people

Our staff

We’re a small team with big ambitions. Our passion lies in helping people and businesses reduce their emissions down to zero through better energy. It’s our day-to-day, and it’s a pretty good one. Meet the energy experts that make up our team. 

Dean Kline, Chief Executive Officer

With more than 12 years’ experience in renewable energy and energy efficiency, Dean has tackled more than a few energy challenges. Today, he leads the transition to a more sustainable energy future in the City of Yarra as the CEO of the Yarra Energy Foundation. Before that, he was Senior Project Manager on the London Low Carbon Zone project, which delivered more than 10,000 commercial and residential energy efficiency upgrades across the municipality.

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Sasha Mayorov, Chief Financial Officer

Sasha is a Chartered Accountant with over 15 years of experience, deeply passionate about energy and technology. His career has spanned a variety of roles in consulting, finance, and operations at major energy companies like AGL and smaller ventures such as Elysian Energy, where he served as CFO and subsequently CEO during the 2022 energy crisis. Sasha’s expertise covers a wide spectrum of the energy sector, from greenfield site development to end-consumer applications. Over the past decade, Sasha has occupied leadership roles, consistently driving strategic direction and operational excellence within these organisations. Currently, as the COO/CFO of BE Power Group, Sasha is actively involved in advancing projects in pumped hydro and battery storage, aiming to support Australia’s transition to renewable energy. Sasha holds a Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) from RMIT University.

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Tim Shue, Chief Operating Officer

Tim has worked for several years at the nexus of local governments, climate action and communications. He has worked for local, national and international not-for-profits with foundational experience in communications. A self-described generalist, he thrives in bringing people and organisations together, developing innovative solutions to complex situations, breaking down siloes and creating bridges between knowledge and practice to empower people and communities to reduce emissions and respond meaningfully to climate change.

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Glenne Drover, Secretary

Glenne is an energy sector advisor and consultant based in Melbourne Australia, and the YEF Secretary. The wearer of many hats, he is also the Secretary of the Australian Institute of Energy – Victoria, an advisor to Sumitomo Electric Industries, and EMC Renewables. Glenne’s clients cover the energy storage, solar, wind and hydrogen sectors based in Australia, Japan, and China. Glenne’s previous roles have included two decades of power station design and construction, and nearly two decades in the Victorian Government’s Economic Development and Energy Departments.

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Chris Wallin, Commercial Programs Manager

As an experienced electrical engineer on large industrial installations, and a seasoned business professional in the technology sector, Chris is a passionate promoter of, and contributor to, the renewable energy sector. He has worked with community and industry organisations to define and develop solutions as part of the major energy transition in Australia. Chris’ focus is to accelerate the uptake of renewable energy in the City of Yarra and beyond for both business and community, taking advantage of the many innovative technologies coming to market, and working with partner businesses in the sustainability ecosystem.

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Lachlan Hensey, Energy & Storage Project Lead

Lachlan holds a deep interest in public issues involving science and technology, especially how local communities can participate in innovative responses to contemporary issues such as the climate crisis. As a researcher, he has investigated the politics of deliberate technological interventions into the climate system. He is enthusiastic about facilitating efforts towards a more resilient, adaptive, and democratic energy system, and a more accessible and sustainable society. Lachlan has worked across the disability, creative arts and environment sectors.

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Mitch O’Neill, Energy Advisor

Mitch worked for 6 years at Reposit Power initially developing battery optimisation and virtual power plant software as a Technical Lead before leading product, strategy, and regulatory parts of the business as the Head of Strategy. Since then he’s been helping companies, networks, and governments accelerate the rollout of distributed energy resources through Grids Energy and working within the Energy Security Board on the Post 2025 Market Design project.

Lloyd Heathfield, Solar & Electrification Lead

Following his passion for Biology, Lloyd went on to study Zoology at the University of Leeds, UK. As an eager environmentalist, he worked as a PV solar installer and technician here in Australia, responsible for the install and maintenance of over 3.5MW of solar arrays across Victoria. Lloyd has experience in the design and oversight of residential solar and electrification and is dedicated to assist communities reduce emissions and respond to the climate crisis.

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Marie Lakey, Communications and Engagement Officer

Marie is deeply committed to helping communities drive and benefit from transition efforts. Since completing her Honours Bachelor in 2018, Marie’s work has focused on initiatives that tackle the intersection of energy and social justice. This work led her to positions in engagement, project delivery, research and communications across various contexts, spanning co-operatives and consultancies.

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Phani Harsha Yeggina, Energy & Storage Project Officer

Phani has a background in engineering and holds a master’s degree on environment from the University of Melbourne. He has extensive experience working with local councils across Australia. Phani has expertise in community energy and electricity markets and has focused his efforts on projects speeding up the renewable energy transition. He is passionate about finding equitable and long-lasting solutions to the complex problems presented by climate change. 

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Finn Buchhorn, Project Officer

Finn has a burning passion for driving decarbonisation through the uptake of clean technologies. A graduate from Monash’s Science – Global Challenges program, he has several years’ experience as a project manager on some of Australia’s first hydrogen mobility projects. Joining YEF in 2024, Finn now applies his generalist skillset, adaptability and understanding of the challenges facing new technologies to help enable the energy transition.

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Nicole Lonergan, Administration & Project Support Officer

Nicole is dedicated to making a meaningful contribution to protecting our environment and reducing emissions. With a background in production management, she uses her expertise in optimising systems and processes to improve efficiency, creating more time for the important work being done to tackle climate change. Nicole is driven by a deep commitment to creating a sustainable future through practical actions.

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Our board

Our organisation is governed by an independent board of directors. They support our core team.

David Anstee, Chair

David is a director of Withywindle, providing consulting advice in the electric vehicle, distributed energy resources and microgrid areas. Clients include Schneider Electric, Evo Energy, Who Gives a Crap and Planet Ark Power. His career commenced in corporate finance with Merrill Lynch (nee McIntosh), encompassed assistant cameraman for National Geographic in the Arctic, diving instructor in Cairns and as co-founder of technology business ihavemoved.com and founding employee at GreenSync. David holds a BCom from Melbourne and a distinction MBA from London Business School.

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Kirstin Schneider, Vice-Chair

Kirstin is the CEO and Founder of Hyfen Consulting and is an experienced business executive, working with energy, retail and government businesses on strategy, transformation, operating models, and adaptive people strategies. Today, she partners with boards and leadership teams to achieve sustainable and scalable results by cultivating intangible asset strength. Kirstin has co-owned and run small businesses, founded start-ups and mentored within the Australian innovation ecosystem. She holds a senior executive MBA from the Melbourne Business School.

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Melinda Scaringi, non-executive Director

Melinda is a director at social impact and communications consultancy, Ellis Jones, where she leads the agency’s work in energy and environment. In a career that has spanned public service, not-for-profit and commercial roles, her singular focus has been on people: understanding their behaviour through research; and moving them through communications. Over nearly 20 years, she has delivered multimillion-dollar campaigns – and campaigns on a shoe-string for organisations large and small. Her work extends across marketing and advertising, community and stakeholder engagement, public relations and digital content. She is driven to support Australia’s transition to a cleaner energy future that leaves no one behind.

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Arunesh Choubey, non-executive Director

Arunesh is a seasoned board member and business leader with capability honed from decades of corporate leadership, enterprise scale-up, and management consulting in global markets. He has partnered with energy, technology and manufacturing businesses transforming their business operations in line with board-mandated objectives. He holds an MBA from Melbourne Business School and tertiary engineering qualifications in information technology, industrial production and business improvement. He is also a published author and blogger.

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Mi-Lin Chen Yi Mei, non-executive Director

Mi-Lin Chen Yi Mei was a Councillor at the City of Yarra from 2016 to 2020. She was admitted to legal practice in 2014 and currently works in legal policy. Her experience includes the position of a Judicial Associate in both the County Court and the Federal Court as well as within the community sector, coordinating an integrated service program. Mi-Lin is a member of the Australian Labor Party and previously held the position of Deputy Mayor.

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Cara Spencer, non-executive Director

Cara is a highly experienced corporate affairs practitioner with a background spanning community, government, industry and corporate organisations. Her passion for people and planet has driven her career, taking on executive roles with some of Australia’s leading charities and most innovative service providers. Cara is passionate about delivering quality corporate communications and community engagement to elicit social change. Her professional purpose is to enable corporations and causes to connect and thrive through effective strategy, communication, marketing, business development, mentoring and management.

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Gavin Lewis, non-executive Director

Gavin is an accomplished energy leader with extensive experience in both domestic and international settings. He has a successful track record in startups, emerging technologies, and high-growth companies. With a focus on operational efficiency and innovation commercialisation, Gavin is dedicated to improving customer experiences while also prioritising carbon reduction efforts. As the Head of New Energy at Ausnet Services, he spearheads initiatives in BESS, clean mobility, and SAPS markets, driving innovation and cost savings while maintaining a strong commitment to carbon reduction. His previous role as COO/Co-CEO at Green Peak Energy resulted in significant contract wins and a successful company sale, furthering his reputation as a valuable asset in the energy and renewables sector.

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