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Partner with us

If it cuts carbon from energy, we can help. 

We partner with local governments, companies, and not-for-profits. But what we do for each is different.

Augment your in-house sustainability team, directly deliver programs and services, or boost your existing programs through our networks.


Become a local government partner

Local governments are leading the transition to zero-emission energy. YEF is assisting Councils and their communities take concrete action to reduce emissions from energy, helping them deliver climate emergency declarations and plans.

From solar bulk-buys and energy efficiency programs, it’s likely YEF has experience that would help you deliver and achieve emissions targets. 

Over the last 10 years, we’ve partnered with nearly a dozen local governments to deliver better energy to their people. We’ve facilitated the growth of solar and energy efficiency in regions such as Yarra, Banyule, Hume and Strathbogie. 

Become a commercial partner

Through partnerships with businesses across Australia, we can help customers, staff, members or clients access better energy too.

Our independent experts can create bespoke services supporting households or businesses big and small. That could include solar and batteries, fixing buildings, or buying green power, through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), brokering better energy deals or assisting with Environmental Upgrade Agreements.

Become a not-for-profit partner

On climate, like other global problems, we really are all in this together.

So we look to collaborate in bespoke partnerships with other not-for-profits who, like us, are on a mission towards zero-emissions energy, and on making sure no one is left behind.

Our energy expertise can contribute to simple solutions or grand plans – that we work with you to deliver in partnership.