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Advice for businesses

Join the growing number of businesses and landlords embracing energy efficiency and solar PV!

Understanding your energy use and where it is wasted gives you another lens through which to look at optimising building running costs. On average, those costs can be cut down by 30% to 40% simply by maintaining, retrofitting, or switching old appliances with more efficient ones.

Solar is also gaining a lot of traction in the commercial and industrial space. There are many reasons explaining this momentum, such as energy security, improved resilience, ESG targets and attractive solar solutions. Return on investment from a solar system now ranges from 5 to 10 years, with typical earnings approaching 20% return on investment per year.

The commercial and industrial spaces often lack the time to understand the options and to coordinate the logistics for improving the energy expenditure of the building.

This is why Yarra Energy Foundation, supported by Yarra City Council, is launching the “Better Energy, Better Business” program, and is looking for up to 10 mid to large businesses and building owners who would like to improve the energy efficiency of the building, and investigate options for solar that would benefit everyone.

The project will endeavour to create a tailored plan that will identify suitable options for your business and/or building.

Read more by clicking below and schedule a chat with Catalina to get started!

Benefits to business owners

Benefits to property owners & managers