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Advice for your home

Buy solar for your home

Solar For Your Home

With solar panels on your roof, you can generate electricity for your home and the ones of others, and save lots on energy bills. Solar panels can reduce your electricity bills by up to 60%. 

The cost of solar panels is not the same for everyone. It depends on where you live, the retailer or installer you choose, the size of your system, and more. 

Solar Power Resources

Solar Victoria are the government agency dedicated to supporting the Victorian community install rooftop solar at their home and business, providing information, rebates and interest-free loans. The guides linked above are an excellent resource for comprehensive, independent information.

Solar 101 | SolarQuotes

Finn Peacock (of SolarQuotes) has been a trusted source of advice on purchasing solar for over a decade, and this guide runs through many of the important considerations anyone going solar ought to be aware of. There are many useful articles on the website which address a variety of issues or considerations people confront when looking to install solar.

Your Guide To Choosing The Best Solar Panels For Your Home | Australian Energy Foundation

The Australian Energy Foundation have put together some of the more comprehensive guides to renewable energy technologies for the home. This guide goes through the ins-and-outs of going solar: what to consider and how to decide, how to go about it, and finally, how to make the most of your system.

How to choose the best solar panels | Canstar Blue
A guide to solar power in Victoria | Canstar Blue

These Canstar Blue guides provide a good overview of the basics of going solar. However, many aspects of deciding upon a solar system are be specific to your home, your energy use, and even local regulations. After reviewing the resources above, it is best to begin discussing your options with solar providers and comparing quotes.