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Community Battery Resources

Community Battery Resources

Read the Yarra (Fitzroy North) community battery project Year 1 Performance Report.


The Neighbourhood Battery Knowledge Hub

The ANU Battery Storage and Grid Integration Programs new resource containing the very latest information and advice on neighbourhood batteries.


Community batteries and their role in the energy transition — Australian National University – Battery Storage & Grid Integration Program (4 mins)


Community battery Q&A – Port Phillip community, 17 March 2022

Community batteries – All-Energy Australia conference, 26 October 2021

Flinders Zero Carbon Community Forum – Community Batteries, hosted by Flinders Zero Carbon Community, 10 October 2021

Yarra Community Battery – information and Q&A #2 Webinar hosted by City of Yarra, 11 September 2021

Yarra Community Battery – Information and Q&A #1 Webinar hosted by City of Yarra, 1 September 2021

Community batteries: the new kid on the block Webinar hosted by Battery Storage & Grid Integration Program, ANU, August 2021

Community Batteries: Getting Ahead of the Curve Webinar hosted by Lighter Footprints, July 2021

What is the role of community batteries in the climate emergency response? Webinar hosted by City of Yarra, April 2021

Reports & articles

Labor drives down energy bills with 100 neighbourhood batteries

The Powerful Neighbours Report: A guide to developing neighbourhood batteries as assets in your community, Powercor, 2022

Neighbourhood batteries in Australia: Anticipating questions of value conflict and (in)justice, Ransan-Cooper et al. Aug 2022

Alkimos Beach Energy Storage Trial – final knowledge sharing report, July 2021. Synergy

Facilitating Community Understanding of Electricity Battery Options for Noosa Shire, June 2021. McLeod, V and Smith, H for Zero Emissions Noosa (ZEN)

Stakeholder views on the potential role of community scale storage in Australia. Ransan-Cooper, H, 2020, Battery Storage & Grid Integration Program, the Australian National University.

Implementing community-scale batteries, 2020. Final report for ARENA-funded project, carried out by the Battery Storage & Grid Integration Program, the Australian National University.

Applying responsible algorithm design to neighbourhood-scale batteries in Australia, Ransan-Cooper et al. 2021, Nature Energy

The Victorian Neighbourhood Battery consultation, 2021. Victorian Government.

The Victorian Neighbourhood Battery Initiative, 2021. Victorian Government

Community battery meeting wrap, 2021 – Lighter Footprints

Community batteries are coming. Are you ready?, 2021 – Lighter Footprints

Ausgrid Community Battery Feasibility Study, February 2020