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Community Batteries

Neighbourhood Battery Training

A series of training sessions were made available as part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to ensuring Victoria is best positioned to embrace our energy transition.

As the energy sector transitions toward a renewable future, the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA) recognises the need for a modern energy system to support our economy and way of life – as set out in Harnessing Victoria’s Distributed Energy Resources (DER): to deliver reliable, sustainable and affordable energy services, and a zero emission, climate ready economy and community.

DEECA aims to optimise the use of distribution networks through the effective integration of energy technologies such as rooftop solar, batteries, electric vehicles and efficient electric appliances. This work reduces reliance on fossil fuels and helps Victorians access technologies that benefit them while maintaining energy reliability and affordability.

Importantly, harnessing the opportunities for neighbourhood-scale batteries will help deliver Victoria’s distributed energy resources vision.

DEECA has engaged the Yarra Energy Foundation (YEF), an independent not-for-profit with a focus on facilitating the uptake of renewable energy and energy efficiency by all sectors of the community, to provide training in the fundamental elements of developing both feasibility and business cases on neighbourhood-scale batteries.


The training provided by YEF will assist you set your plans up for success and help you make informed decisions about the future of your neighbourhood battery.

The aim is to build knowledge on the process of developing and implementing a neighbourhood battery project.  A key part of the training will provide:

  • Knowledge and steps to plan a neighbourhood battery project and develop a proposal.
  • Share findings from existing Neighbourhood Battery Initiative projects


The course outline:

One day course [completed 13th & 17th November 2023] – Support participants to move from concept to planning and preparing neighbourhood battery project feasibility, by covering topics such as business models and revenue opportunities, site selection, and project management.

Two-day master class [12-13 March 2024, 16-17 April 2024] – Move more advanced projects from feasibility to business case and implementation. Improve the quality and maturity of neighbourhood battery project proposals in Victoria, by providing participants with the knowledge and capabilities to plan and deliver a neighbourhood battery project and develop a proposal that would allow the project to secure funding. Allow more Victorians to benefit from the knowledge generated by projects funded under the NBI.


If you are interested in either the one- or two-day course, please contact DEECA: neighbourhood.batteries@delwp.vic.gov.au

Please register your interest by emailing: