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Energy services for your business

Get an energy audit for your business

Start with a free energy assessment

A first easy step to audit your business’ energy is to jump on the ecologic website to get a free energy assessment (takes about 15 minutes). We’ve tested it for you and know it works. After you’ve done this, contact us and our partner will use the information to discuss the practical ways for your business to save with better energy.


  • Summarise the outcome of your free online energy assessment.
  • Review your lighting and refer you to one of their preferred suppliers so you save money and energy.
  • Help you upgrade your equipment to save energy (things like refrigeration, heating, cooling and hot-water can cost a heap to run).
  • Help you fix your building so its not leaking hot or cold air when it shouldn’t be (things like blinds, weather sealing and insulation can work to save you money and make work a more comfortable place to be).
  • Assess the feasibility of solar for your business.

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Take it one step further

We can take it one step further and organise an in-depth energy audit for a more thorough assessment. We offer:

  • Type 1 audits which consist of a site visit by one of our accredited consultants. It is an excellent and affordable assessment providing a first level analysis of your energy consumption and possible savings.
  • Type 2 audits which take the assessment to a deeper level by considering patterns in your consumption. Savings and costing of remedial action are more detailed, and supplemented by an explanation of the relevant energy efficiency technologies.

Our services cover any size installation, commercial and industrial, as well as NABERS assessments, which rate building performance on a scale of zero to six stars.

We can also present you with all the grants and subsidies you can receive from the government for making energy improvements in your business.

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