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Join the movement

At YEF, we’re part of a community movement that’s working towards the uptake of better energy and fighting the good fight against climate change. A movement that’s helping people and planet.

Many in our community are already doing their bit for better energy and the environment. At home, at work, and by volunteering. But we need more hands on deck to secure a sustainable future.

Everyone can jump in and help this transition.

Want to do something but not sure where to start? We’ve listed groups you can support and get involved with, to join the climate movement in Yarra.

Yarra Riverkeeper Association

The Yarra Riverkeeper Association protects and restores one of our most important natural assets in Yarra: our river. 

The Yarra river is an essential part of our community. It supplies most of our piped water and is a popular place for nature-based activities. Lots of wildlife also call it home.

But every day, the city puts stress on the Yarra (through things such as water extraction and pollution), which means it needs ongoing protection to stay healthy and provide benefits to us and to the birds and animals roaming around. 

That’s why the Yarra Riverkeeper Association is so important. It monitors our river and makes sure it keeps healthy. The organisation also educates our community about the river and its environment. 

How to get involved with the Yarra Riverkeeper Association

Have a passion for water or just want to do some good? You can support the Yarra Riverkeeper Association by becoming a member, donating, joining a Yarra River Blitz, and more.

Visit the Yarra Riverkeeper Association’s website to get involved.


3000acres helps people grow food in more places. By breaking down barriers to urban agriculture (they unlock underutilised urban spaces for food growing), they help people better connect with food and the land it grows on. 

The organisation builds and supports community gardens, and educates people about urban food growing. It also works to influence the regulatory environment, to make it easier to grow food in more places.

How to get involved with 3000acres

You can support 3000acres by becoming a volunteer or through donations. You can also participate in their workshops and become a community garden member.

Visit 3000acres’ website to get involved.

Collingwood Children’s Farm

The Collingwood Children’s Farm is home to all kinds of enchanting animals, from horses to sheep. Set in the middle of Yarra, the farm brings city folk closer to land, animals, farm life and community. 

The farm runs a bunch of education programs and community events bringing people closer to nature every time they step on their grounds.

How to get involved with the Collingwood Children’s Farm

You can support the Collingwood Children’s Farm by simply visiting and enjoying all it offers. Your entry fees will support the farm to look after the animals and run its programs. You can also become a member or donate.

Visit the Collingwood Children’s Farm’s website to get involved.

Yarra Climate Action Now

Calling all aspiring climate activists, this group is for you. Yarra Climate Action Now (YCAN) is a community group doing lots of advocacy and awareness work around climate change. 

The group lobbies all levels of government with petitions, letters and more. It runs campaigns to hold Yarra City Council accountable to their sustainability commitments.

YCAN also informs people of the best ways to get involved in the climate movement, through social media, newsletters and great talks.

How to get involved with Yarra Climate Action Now

You can get involved with Yarra Climate Action Now by signing up to their newsletter and social media accounts, by volunteering and donating.

Visit the Yarra Climate Action Now’s website to get involved.