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Understanding Your Energy Use

Understanding Your Energy Use

Taking Back Power

We all depend on energy, every day.

Yet keeping on top of our energy use – whether in our homes or our businesses – can be confusing.

That’s why the Metro Community Power Hub is committed to building our community’s energy literacy.

Here are some quick and simple steps you can take to become more energy literate and shrink your energy costs and carbon footprint at the same time:

1. A free energy audit and advice from our experts on how to maximise your home’s energy efficiency here

2. A 30-minute deep-dive energy consult with our friends at Renew (bookings are limited)

3. Our essential Vic Energy Compare manual on using the Victorian Government’s Energy Compare website

We believe that the more informed we all are about energy, the quicker we can build a zero carbon future.

As the saying goes, Knowledge Is Power.



Here's how we can help

Energy literacy is a broad topic with many elements.

For some, it’s about knowing where their energy comes from.

For others, it’s exploring Australia’s fast-changing energy industry.

But for most people, it’s simply about understanding their power bill – what they’ve paid for and whether they’ve paid too much.

It can be confusing – but tracking your own energy use is a powerful first step in taking back control of your energy costs.

And it’s easy to do than you might think.

1. Check here if you don’t know which electricity distributor you use.

2. Jump onto your distributor’s website and follow the prompts to track your household use – either at CitiPower, United or Jemena.

With our community climate group partners, local councils and other supporters, the Metro Community Power Hub has lots of plans in this important area, so subscribe to our news here for updates on workshops and resources.

We also want to hear from you – so get in touch with ideas or questions about how to build our community’s energy literacy.

Together, let’s be em-powered!