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Celebrating the Metro Community Power Hub

A year ago, Melbourne’s first ever community power hub – the Metro Community Power Hub (MCPH) – was born.

One of seven hubs funded across the state by the Victorian Government through Sustainability Victoria, the MCPH came into being to position community voices and ideas at the heart of our wonderful city’s transition to a net zero future.

Yarra Energy Foundation has been very proud to lead the MCPH as an independent and expert one-stop hub for clean energy solutions designed for and with our community.

In a year, we and our community partners have achieved a great deal – from our solar and all-electric home programs to numerous public information events, to supporting our local partners in designing community battery projects.

Unfortunately the community power hubs were not refunded in the recent State Budget, and the MCPH will wind up at the end of this month.

Nevertheless, the fantastic networks and projects which have been created across neighbourhoods continue – as does the MCPH’s central vision that when you put community and clean energy together, brilliant things can happen.

Thank you to everyone who supported the Hub and here’s to our clean energy future!

If you’re looking for guidance on solar, batteries and other green solutions visit the City of Yarra’s 100% Renewable Yarra website.