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Getting energy from an embedded network? Your energy is now cheaper and fairer.

From September 2020, if you live in Victoria and get your energy from an embedded network, you’ll be able to save more on energy bills and pay a fairer price for electricity.

People living in apartment buildings, rooming houses, caravan parks and retirement villages often get their energy from embedded networks. If you’re one of them, the maximum price you’ll be able to be charged from September will be set to the Victorian Default Offer, which the Government set as a fair price across the state.

This means residents could save between $180 and $370 a year on energy bills. For small businesses in shopping centres, savings could amount to between $900 and $2,200.

A 2019 study from the Victoria Energy Policy Centre found that customers on embedded networks in Victoria paid up to $439 a year more than the best deal they could find if they could switch energy retailers.

From September, embedded network customers will no longer be able to be charged unfair energy prices. This will make energy more affordable for all Victorians, something to celebrate.

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