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Peninsula receives funding for its first Community Battery

We are delighted to be involved in Flinders getting one step closer to having the first community battery on the Peninsula.

Mornington Peninsula Shire will receive $500,000 to fund the cost and installation of their Flinders Community Battery Project through the Federal Government’s ‘Community Batteries for Household Solar Program’.

“The Flinders Battery Project is a great community initiative that will see up to 100 local households connected to the battery, benefitting from increased reliability from localised solar storage and demonstrating how one community can transition to renewable energy.” Cr Steve Holland, Morning Peninsula Shire Mayor

After three years of dedicated efforts from Flinders Zero Carbon Community, which involved organising community forums, conducting a feasibility study, advocacy efforts, and developing and presenting ‘A Road Map To Carbon Zero’ during a well-attended community forum with over 90 residents, their achievements have come to fruition.

YEF were incredibly proud to partner with both Mornington Peninsula Shire and Flinders Zero Carbon Community to advancing this project’s feasibility and support Flinders in achieving its ambitious zero carbon objectives.

The Flinders Community Battery will be modelled on our Fitzroy North Community Battery.

Once installed, the battery will allow the local community to store solar energy for use during peak times, and to share excess solar-generated power with other households in their area.

Under this ownership model, any profits from the battery and potential EV charger will flow to a community benefit fund administered by Repower Mornington Peninsula, which Flinders Zero Carbon Community is a satellite group of.

“This fantastic outcome would not have been possible without the incredible efforts of both Mornington Peninsula Shire and Flinders Zero Carbon Community.

“They are a leading example of how a partnership between local government and community can achieve. Yarra Energy Foundation is extremely excited to assist Flinders achieve its zero carbon goals.” Dean Kline, CEO, Yarra Energy Foundation

Australia's first inner urban community battery in Fitzroy North with its beautiful artwork

The project will install and operate a 360kWh battery, providing support to approximately 75-100 households. This initiative will enhance the local grid’s capacity for additional solar installations and generate revenue to subsidise solar power for low-income households. The estimated annual reduction in emissions is 22.8 tonnes of CO2e.

Just like the Fitzroy North battery, it will function as a solar sponge, designed to store surplus clean energy generated by local rooftop solar panels during the day. It can then discharge this energy in the evening when demand is higher, and the sun is no longer shining.

Similarly, it will also help put downward pressure on energy prices, cut emissions (by increasing total renewable energy usage), facilitate more solar installations, and even help to stabilise the grid.

A big congratulations again to Flinders and all involved parties. YEF cannot wait to see this battery get installed in the coming months!