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Solar loan and rebate now available for rental properties

It’s becoming easier for rental properties get solar on their roofs. If you’re a landlord, you can now get an interest-free loan and a rebate to buy solar panels for your rental properties. If you’re a tenant, you can work with your landlord to bring solar to your home.

Renters, like everyone else, want to cut their energy costs and power their homes with better, greener energy. This is the opportunity to give them that chance.

If you’re a landlord in Victoria, you can now apply for a solar rebate of up to $1,850 and for a matching interest-free loan of up to $1,850 to finance the installation of solar panels on your rental properties.

As a landlord, you can apply and pay for the entire solar system, or work with your tenants to repay the loan by contributing up to $19.27 a month each. Panels would likely reduce electricity bills by up to $74 a month.

We are celebrating this initiative, which is allowing more renters to access cheaper and better energy, not just homeowners.

If you are a tenant or landlord wanting to get started with this offer, visit the Solar Victoria website or contact us.