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Sustainability Victoria grants up to $50,000 for community organisations and local government

Sustainability Victoria is delivering grants of up to $50,000 for community organisations to upgrade the energy efficiency of their facilities via the Community Climate Change and Energy Action Program (CCCEAP).

They’ll be working with 100 Victorian community organisations such as kindergartens, leisure and sporting centres, neighbourhood and community houses over the next two years to deliver significant economic benefits through reductions in energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

To find out more or register for an information session, go to the Community Climate Change and Energy Action Program: Guidelines.


  • Closing date: Friday 20 August 2021, 11:50pm
  • Funding available: Stream 1 – up to $5,000; Stream 2 (Tier 1) – up to $25,000; Stream 2 (Tier 2) – up to $50,000.
  • Co-contribution: $1:$1 (SV:Applicant) for Stream 2. Not applicable for Stream 1.
  • Available to: Community groups, local government


Stream 1: Audit grants

Up to $5,000 will fund Detailed Facility Audits to give you and your community group a full picture of your facility’s emissions profile, with the baseline information to start reducing emissions.

Stream 2: Project implementation grants (co-contribution)

Tier 1: Project grants

Up to $25,000 to support community facility upgrades focused on reducing operational costs and greenhouse gas emissions

Tier 2: Innovation and Best Practice grants

Up to $50,000 to help accelerate larger innovative and best practice upgrades to a building that is highly energy-efficient and fully powered from on-site renewable sources (net zero carbon).