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Partnering with Councils and other organisations, we drive electrification and solar roll-out programs, fostering a transition to all-electric homes. Our approach offers residents a seamless journey, complete with comprehensive guidance, trusted suppliers, and pre-negotiated pricing, assuring successful, top-quality installations.

Hume Solar Rollout

We have overseen more than 200 solar installations, adding 1MW of renewable energy production to Hume City Council!

Thanks to the solar rollout, the Council has recorded a reduction of over 1,000 tonnes of CO2e per year, and $200,000 in estimated annual savings for their residents through lower energy consumption and feed-in tariff credits.

Solar power in action!

Love Bayside, Electrify Everything

At the heart of our Love Bayside – Electrify Everything program is the mission to speed up Bayside’s journey to a clean, all-electric future for their residents.

YEF, in proud partnership with Bayside City Council, aims to help communities in phasing out outdated, inefficient, and polluting gas appliances.

Our aim is to enable households to make considerable savings on energy bills and significantly reduce household emissions. The program simplifies this shift by linking residents with Specialized Solar & Electrical, a provider carefully selected and which offer continuous guidance and support throughout residents’ journey to electrification.

Let’s phase out gas together!