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Connecting people to better energy for a zero carbon future

We’re a not-for-profit providing services and advice to homes and businesses that want better energy. So we can, together, save money and save the planet.

Why we’re doing it

Our mission is to reduce carbon emissions from energy down to zero. To get there, we help residents and businesses with services and advice to make better energy choices.

Our impact

Already we’ve made some big inroads.

Energy services for your home

Install solar, get battery storage, fix your home, or choose 100% renewable power. We make it easy for you.

Advice for your home

Energy just too hard? Not anymore. Our simple “how to” guides make big energy decisions, easy.

Energy services for your business

Practical options to save money and reduce energy emissions at work.

Advice for your business

Simplify your energy expenditure. Our "how to" guides make energy decisions at work, easier.

Partner with us

We boost our sustainability services (and yours) through partnerships – with
local councils, governments, companies, and not-for-profits.

Our Innovation Projects

We’re not alone in our quest for better energy and a zero-carbon future. Find the project which you can belong in.