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Together at Last: New Neighbourhood Battery and EV Charging for Clifton Hill

A neighbourhood battery and two wheelchair-accessible electric vehicle (EV) charging bays will be installed next to the Collingwood Leisure Centre in Clifton Hill, Victoria.


For the first time in Australia, this project will explore the synergies between a neighbourhood battery and EV charger.  

The project aims to enable more renewable energy, make EV charging more accessible to the community, and uncover lessons that can be applied to future projects.  

The Clifton Hill area currently lacks any public EV charging infrastructure and the proposed chargers are expected to meet high demand based on the success of nearby chargers at Collingwood Library.   

This innovative project is led by the Yarra Energy Foundation (YEF), in partnership with Yarra City Council and is funded by a $750,000 grant from the Victorian Government’s Neighbourhood Battery Initiative 

YEF will undertake a community consultation process and will invite local stakeholders to participate in a Community Reference Group. The Group will influence how the EV chargers will operate and how profits from operations of the charger, if any, could be redirected back to the local community through a ‘Community Benefits Fund’.  


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