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Advice for your home

Our past projects

Better Energy Banyule

In an empowering collaboration with Banyule City Council, we successfully carried out the Better Energy Banyule program. In a bid to offer further financial support to residents, Banyule City Council generously contributed an additional $1,000 rebate to the first 60 residents.

The goal of BEB was to simplify the process and reduce the cost of installing energy-efficient upgrades for households within Banyule. Thanks to the council’s additional rebate, this program was even more accessible, and facilitated the installation of:

  • 29 hot water heat pumps,
  • 29 split system air conditioners,
  • 7 induction cooktops.

Guide to Solar for Apartments



This guide was made possible by the Metropolitan Community Power Hub, a landmark community energy initiative led by YEF and funded by the Victorian Government through Sustainability Victoria.

Our ‘Guide to Solar for Apartments’ is an invaluable resource for apartment residents looking to install solar power systems.

Despite making up 16% of Australian homes, apartment buildings have been slow to adopt solar due to complex challenges including lack of advice, complex processes and the multiple interests of tenants.

Our guide is designed specifically for the Victorian context. It breaks down these challenges, offering:

  • Explanations of key hurdles in apartment solar installations
  • Step-by-step advice for finding and installing suitable solar options
  • Tips for engaging all necessary stakeholders
  • Guidance to make your solar journey as smooth as possible


The Metropolitan Community Power Hub


The Metro Community Power Hub united 28 stakeholders including councils, not-for-profits, community groups, and industry experts in a shared mission: to empower communities to participate in the energy transition. As the lead partner, YEF helped deliver:


  • 100+ personalised energy consultations, empowering residents with knowledge about sustainable energy choices.
  • The installation of a whopping 175kW of solar power, reducing carbon emissions by 277 tCO2-e/year.
  • A dynamic series of workshops and presentations to boost energy literacy and champion energy-efficient practices.
  • The creation of the compelling “Let’s Electrify Melbourne” film, a call-to-action that sparked an even wider commitment to sustainable behavioural change.